Post Car Accident

post car accident

Have you had a car accident and found that you are just not “quite right”… you saw a regular physician, maybe a physical therapist if necessary, maybe a chiropractor and still feeling as if you are not as you were before?

You may well not be; tissues and cells have memory – just as your bones and joints got jarred in the accident so did your tissues and cells. You probably experienced fear, maybe even panic…. These too are also experienced in your tissues and cells.

While your physician could check that nothing was broken and your chiropractor could adjust you to make sure you are back in alignment your tissues and cells may still be in a state of fear and panic.

This is where craniosacral therapy can help. Craniosacral therapy works with your tissues and cells and helps them to let go of memories that keep us from moving forward and letting go.

Want to feel better? Call now and schedule for a craniosacral session 847 512 7187.

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